Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood
October 6, 2016 Boyd Robathan

One kiln dried log delivers the same heat as two / three air dried logs making kiln dried logs fantastic value for money. The kiln dried firewood that is supplied by Robathan’s Gardens has been dried down to approximately twenty per cent moisture so the logs are:

  • Ready To Burn
  • Easier To Light
  • Burn Cleaner
  • Deliver Increased Heat​
When you have taken delivery of kiln dried logs you will need to keep them dry. This should be a dry space with good ventilation. This is because if the logs are stored in an enclosed space they will become damp.
If you are looking at purchasing a log store we can supply you with a vented store. These are made to order to supplied measurements.
A wide range of supply options are available from small, medium and large nets or larger deliveries in four sizes: 1.25m3, 2.5m3, 3.75m3 and 5 m3. There is no charge for delivery on all orders within twenty miles of Lichfield, Staffordshire. The price for the nets are £10.00, £25.00 and £40.00 and for the larger deliveries:
1.25 m3 £114.002.5 m3 £210.003.75 m3 £305.005 m3 £390.00
BAGS OF WARMTH – All enquiries – 07970 91 33 34 /