Fire Pits Design and Installation Service

Fire Pits are fast becoming the on-trend feature of gardens today. Being both ornamental and functional they act as a pleasing visual focus as well as giving off heat and light. A Fire Pit can even be used to cook on!

natural gas bowl fire pitAt Robathan’s Gardens we are delighted to now offer homeowners a complete Fire Pit supply and installation service. We cover a comprehensive range of materials, including stone, brick and metal. A Fire Pit is meant to safely contain a fire and prevent it from spreading, and can be wood, smokeless coal or gas fuelled.

The story of Fire Pits

Archaeological evidence of Fire Pits show how commonplace they have been through the ages. In today’s world many homeowners are now re-discovering their appeal. At Robathan’s Gardens we supply and install a wide range of stylish Fire Pits. Many of our customers now enjoy all the benefits a fire pit gives a garden. This could be adding interest and individuality to a large scale landscaping project, or simply as an attractive extra to your outdoor living space.

The Appeal of a Fire Pit

Imagine the appeal of a roasting fire on a chilly late Summer evening; or of burning coals on a crisp November night. Now just consider you can have this extra warmth outside in the garden. Once the idea becomes a possibility, suddenly you can visualise extended Summer nights with friends and family, cosily gathered around a warm fire; or mini bonfires in November with kids and grandparents. A Fire Pit enables you to enjoy your outdoor spaces in comfort all year round. It can also be a great feature in your garden, adding potential value and interest to your property. We would work with you on a design that is sympathetic to your taste and garden style. We also ensure that your Fire Pit will fit safely into the available space and we will advise you on usage recommendations.

Fire Pit Services Lichfield, Staffordshire

We offer a complete Fire Pit design and installation service in Lichfield, Staffordshire and surrounding areas, including;

  • Shenstone Fire Pits
  • Four Oaks Fire Pits
  • Sutton Coldfield Fire Pits
  • Tamworth Fire Pits
  • Streetly Fire Pits
  • Aldridge Fire Pits
  • Boldmere Fire Pits
  • Mere Green Fire Pits
  • Walmley Fire Pits

Other locations are welcome, so please call us today on 07970 913 334 to discuss.

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